Fullerton Waldo, “Twilight in Armenia”

He cared nothing for himself. 

He gave everything to his work. 

He took the work of ten men on himself. 

This man stands as an archetype and supreme example of the American missionary tradition, of fealty and duty, of service to mankind, of loyalty to his Master and his Lord.

On the mountain of hoary tradition and holy history he was the leader ever, laughing down the difficulties, flinging himself into the adventure as a joyful swimmer leaps into the sea, winning the admiration and the allegiance of the rude people even as he engaged the instant liking of his fellows in the homeland, and converted it to love.

The place he filled was all his own; and I find it unbelievable when they tell me he is gone, for his buoyant presence and his ringing laughter, his noble physique and his deep voice, his friendliness and gentleness and manliness - these could not die - they must live on with us forever, till we follow him.

Fullerton L. Waldo

Associate Editor, Public Ledger,

Philadelphia, Pa., November 8, 1920

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