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BECOME AN EXPERT ON THE MIDDLE EAST! Here is our inside guide to a course of study that will put you in the know. Learn to spot the inaccuracies and ignorance of the popular news media. Pray with more insight!

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cover     Kurdistan : In the Shadow of History    An beautiful coffee table photographic history of the Kurds. LOMS figures prominently with photographs of early staff and a full reproduction first page of an ancient edition of the Messenger. Easy Reading mostly pictures.
coverThe Arabists : The Romance of an...     One or our favorite books. Very entertaining and illuminating. Learn the missionary origins of the US State Dept. staff in the Mideast. Fascinating, informative, riveting.      Easy Reading, Entertaining, Pictures too!
coverKnow Thine Enemy : A Spy's Journey into... Entertaining account of a CIA agent who smuggles himself into Iran to see what life since Khomeini is really like. LOMS stomping grounds Istanbul, Mt. Ararat and Tabriz featured prominently.
coverTurkey Unveiled : A History of Modern... Very readable and engrossing account of Turkey from the turn of the century. If you read this, you will be a Turkey expert overnight!
coverA Concise History of the Middle East  Our number-one recommendation for basic Mideast history. Very readable and informative.
A Modern History of the Kurds  Serious reading but a must have book on modern Kurdish history.
Kurdish Culture and Identity  Recommended for the serious student of the Kurds.
The Kurdish Nationalist Movement in the...  Another serious read, covers the political status of Kurds in Turkey. Very good book.
coverPeace to End All Peace : The Fall of the...  Classic history of the events surrounding the formation of the modern Middle East.
coverCovering Islam : How the Media and the... Does the media treat the Islamic world fairly? Literary giant Edward Said examines the issue.
coverIslam and the Myth of Confrontation :... Fred Halliday brings truth to bear on our feelings and prejudices. A very insightful read. Highly recommended.


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